Stick With WIC

Did you know many families stay enrolled in WIC Program for only 13 months? Most of these families are eligible to take part in the program much longer.

Any time spent with WIC is great for you and your child. But, the more time you spend in the program, the more your family can gain!

Check out four of the many ways your family benefits when you stick with WIC from pregnancy until your child’s fifth birthday.

WIC Helps Save Money

The longer your family stays enrolled in WIC, the more money you can keep. While the exact amounts vary a lot depending on family size, many can save thousands at the grocery store.

WIC participation can also save taxpayers money through reduced healthcare spending. The program also brings wealth into local communities through supporting local grocers.

WIC Helps Families Nurture Confidently

WIC Nutrition Counselors can share the best healthy eating strategies with each stage of childhood from pregnancy until kindergarten.

When pregnant women participate in the WIC Program, their pregnancies are longer, and their babies are at less risk for premature birth. Women in WIC often give birth to better-weight babies that are healthier during their childhood. WIC Moms are more likely to breastfeed and tend to do so for longer. They are also more likely to feed their infants and toddlers the best foods for healthy development.

WIC Helps Kids Grow Stronger

WIC Nutrition Counselors guide parents so that kids get the right foods to thrive. Also, they help connect families to essential health services.

Research has shown that when families take part in WIC, kids get more important nutrients that help them grow. WIC kids tend to be at a healthier weight and eat less sugar and fat. They see their doctors and dentists more often which helps them avoid the emergency room. Lastly, children enrolled in WIC are more likely to get vaccinated.

WIC Helps Kids Build Brainpower

By providing good nutrition during pregnancy and in the early years of life, WIC helps children reach their potential.

Studies have shown that when families participate in WIC, their children have better intellectual development than compared to similar kids who were never enrolled in the program. For example, WIC kids score higher in assessments of mental development at age 2. Four- and five-year-old WIC kids have better vocabulary tests scores. These children are more ready for school and perform higher in reading assessments.